Friday, November 15, 2013


Went monochrome for this outfit...I would love to pair it with thigh-high boots, but who am i kidding? The equator could just wave to us by the neighbourhood, what seasons do we have ? Extremely hot weather and not too hot ones...Missing those days in Oz when u could layer up all you want and even make yourself looking like a burrito...Despite the occasionally craves for some breeze, I'm more than grateful that there are far more lesser natural disasters happening in my country comparing to others.

As we all know, Philippines is currently suffering the chaos brought by the super typhoon Yolanda/ Haiyan, known as one of the strongest typhoons among human history. The rampage of it is definitely fatal, thousands were killed, refugees scattered around helpless, don't even mention the scarcity of food and medicine. How could we help ? The most basic part,donate...Make an actual course of action today instead of share or like the fb pages....You can make your donation to World Food Programme. Help them out and make yourself proud =) Stay strong Philippines !

*p/s: Thanks miss little bunny for this helpful info *wink !! 

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