Saturday, January 31, 2015


Couldn't believe it's already 2015, top that off, it's the end of January...!! The speed of time flies is kinda freaking me out. Crazy busy days for me during the past months, I even shot this set nearby my workshop...on a Sunday, which i threw on my outfit and sneaked out during work. I know...pretty much 15/7 of working hours for us, no kidding....Can't wait for Chinese New Year !! Give me a good amount of good food (or junk food..whatever..) to fuel up my much drained soul...nah, just kidding...foodie FTW!! XD

Top: H&M | Skirt: The Nude Skirt | Jacket: Mango | Heels: Zalora

Saturday, December 6, 2014


Hello world....with my residential photographer returns from the kangaroo land (a.k.a my brother), now i'm back on my blogging track...hopefully...XD

What happened during the past months ? Ups and downs happened.. beautiful or ugly, they grow me nevertheless. Well, the most thrilling part was definitely launching The Nude Skirt with my bestie. With our helpless obsessions with fashion, we decided to give the project a go. Bringing alluring and runway inspired chic pieces to all the fashionistas' closets without injuring your purses is our mission. From what seems to be a distant concept, yet our baby did actually became tangible, we are definitely some proud mamas =) From stocking, modelling, photo shooting, photo editing,website maintaining, marketing to delivery, we have to do them all by ourselves..ha..draining every bit of us out! but every single phase of it is just amazing !And we are really thankful for all the experts in respective fields offering helpful hands, rescuing us from the bottom of rocks, yes you guys..Thanks heaps! Fun life is guaranteed when you are doing what you love, but the most important thing is that you learn every single day!I myself absolutely enjoy every bit of this ride. 

Oh, and this is not my full time job (yet) clear out some confusion, i'm handling two companies now....yesssssss, i work and i pay for my travels alright! Just because i didn't post any photos of me working(with messy hair and involves garnet and stuff) doesn't mean i sleep in all day and gets to travel around for free! Peace people, and wish us best of our lucks !

Crop Top: The Nude Skirt | Vest: Mango | Watch: Daniel Wellington | Strap Heels: Zara