Saturday, October 5, 2013


Pardon for the non-stop-holding-the-hat poses, it was kinda windy that day, and my hat almost gone by the wind...can't stop loving the desert-y background but not sure how long it will last until the next construction hits in...oh and spot the hobbit version of palm tress compares to LA's, ha....And so, the tie-on-your-waist is really a big thingy for the season, from plaid, denim to floral, all sorts of flannels make their appearance fiercely on the waistssss...So i picked this floral one from february dolls, do check out their site, great korean fashion inspired pieces they have there! Tie it on your waist for the sassy touch, when it gets chilly, wear it up as a outerwear or even the basic button down...yup, as the title, multitasker !Isn't it thrilling when a handy styling becomes one of the hotest trend ? Alrighty, got to head to meet the one and only DJ Tiesto now...till next time, toodle !! xo

tobi top || taiwan skater skirt || february dolls flannel || taobao hat


  1. Love your skirt and heels :)

  2. Fancy your heels <3 But too bad, my toes are alien (way too long) ! It won't look good on me :'( I don't think it can cover up my toes.

    1. What?!? Long toes are perfect!!! Should try those heel sandals!!