Friday, July 5, 2013

Leaving footprints ~ taiwan

Yes, I know, an long overdue post.
Hop on the jet and touched down Taiwan with le highschool mates in March,
Indescribable feeling of having this bunch to set foot on a total different piece of land,
amazing experience that i would die for another go.

Well, this is my 2nd time visiting taiwan while the 1st was with my precious family joining tour.
 It sucks.
It was rush, it was tiring, and it was a waste of money.
A lot of hotspots have been butchered, left alone the shopping spree session.

But this, i'm telling you, backpacking is hell lot of fun.
Infinite supply of exquisite food, breathtaking scenic spot and of course, great bargain of garments. And yes, i did shop till drop this time !
Enough of the words, let the picture speaks for itself.


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