Wednesday, March 19, 2014


It has been a while since my previous blog. Yes, there have been some drastic changes to my life and now i'm finally in a better shape to blog, or maybe just lil bits. Can't say i'm in a tip-top condition now, but there are always refresh buttons in our life that we gonna push, for better future, i guess...Anyway, i'm ready to move on and having a secret project brewing that i can't wait for it to happen !

Remember how i've been babbling all this while how much i've been missing australia, and when the day has come, i'm in paradox. It's my baby brother's turn to start his student life there and it last for freaking 5 years ! Can you imagine that....the closest buddy that won't judge u EVER and been there to support you no matter what happen gonna leave u for 5 years..?? tears....Okay, back to the this time we landed in Melbourne for few days and transfer to Tasmania. Well, Melby...same old same old..same buildings, same trees, same flies...XD...but, I still love thee though...=)

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