Sunday, September 29, 2013


I think, a good family bonding session always nourishes your soul. When we were young, our parents kinda keen to bring us out every weekend, from botanical park to water theme park, we always show ourselves up to these outdoor wonderlands (huh! that kinda explain my dark skin..)And so when the baby brother finally able to spare a tiny free slot within all his insanely loaded assignments and exams, the chins decided to hang out to taiping ! Initially, I borrowed this topman t from my bro to create a slouchy boyfriend's vibe, but when I put it on, WHAT it I have a wide shoulder or what, it just fitted perfectly on me! So..when the brother saw the outcome, 'you can have it..' was his response, SCORE!! 'I bought two at the same time, you can have the other colour too,'' he said....woah...there's a bonus ?! what's better than having a generous brother ? I'm the luckiest sister on earth.....So yeah, we headed to the taiping lake garden to refresh our lungs with some clean air, don't you just love their trees? Oh by the way, from the pictures, you can see dad and brother trying to prank on the bridge...FAILED...So when we were chilling at a random cafe, le daddy shouted, hey look that baby has the same turban as what u having on your head ! 

yeah right...this isn't THAT actual baby, but the turban they wearing pretty much the same.Okay, well...i guess turban has greater target market then. And there we go, my family were teasing with my turban for the whole day. That's what family for i think, making fun of each other but still backing you up till the end of the world....Till the next time ! xoxo

Topman T || Supre turban || Naked Kimchi boots


  1. Omg, why are you and your family and your dad doing push ups so so cute??

  2. trying to show some manly-hood i guess...XD